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My friend Tiara over at Muted Mouthful tagged me to share my Pick Me Up Playlist. The Pick Me Up Playlist tag was created by Laura from Laura Spoonie Blogs last month for World Mental Health Day. It’s a way for us to share the music that lifts us up. I’ve not completed any blog awards or challenges in a while now, I’m struggling to gather any concentration. Music is an important part of my life, though, so I didn’t want to let this tag slip by me!

Tiara’s blog, Muted Mouthful, is the perfect site to feel at home for anyone who is socially anxious and introverted. Among other topics, Tiara blogs about mental health in a way that can make us all feel appreciated and understood. Take a look at her recent post, “10 Everyday Victories for your Mental Health”.


From Laura Spoonie Blogs

  1. Link back to ‘Pick Me Up Playlist’ creator – Laura Spoonie
  2. Tag the blogger who nominated you
  3. Mention how music helps your Mental Health
  4. List 10 songs that you would consider to be a part of your ‘Pick Me Up Playlist’ (optional: mention a little bit why each song is on your list)
  5. Tag 10 other bloggers to join in with the ‘Pick Me Up Playlist’ Challenge

I’ve Got the Music in Me

I listen to music when I am low and need a pick me up. I listen to music when I need to calm down. There are songs for every mood and every experience. I’ve always loved to sing, and much to the detriment of my family’s eardrums, I’ve tried to learn to play the guitar and keyboard. Music is part of what makes me, me. In my teens, I was heavily involved in community musical theatre productions. I took singing lessons every week and performed as often as anyone would let me. I’m out of practice, but I still sing most every day. Both listening to music and making music are important strategies for me to cope with mental illness and maintain my mental health. Music can help us express ourselves and make us feel understood. It can rouse us and get us moving, it can also tear us apart. Music is as powerful, beautiful and important to me as anything.

My Pick Me Up Playlist

Here are ten of the tunes that seldom fail to bring a smile to my face or get me moving. I listen to them when I’m celebrating and I listen to them when I need a moment of relief from bad times.

I Heard It Through the Grapevine – Marvin Gaye

As a kid, it became a kind of tradition that every so often when I couldn’t wake up my dad would blast this Marvin Gaye classic and dance around to get me out of bed. On my grumpier mornings, I wasn’t always a fan of this tactic, but I have always loved this song and the memories it brings back for me.

I Have Confidence – The Sound of Music

Another song that brings back happy childhood memories is this anthem to overcoming self-doubt from The Sound of Music. My mom and I have shared a love of the movie adaptation of The Sound of Music for as long as I can remember. I love how over the course of this song, Maria is giving herself a pep-talk, continuously having to reassure herself of her own confidence. Singing along to this song ahead of challenging days has helped me prepare for job interviews, presentations and difficult appointments. In a musical full of amazing music, this song may be my favourite.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

It’s the perfect song for keeping up a good momentum!

Heaven on Their Minds – Jesus Christ Superstar

I think what gets me the most with this song is the urgency and intensity of emotion – a good cocktail for most any song from a musical. Andrew Lloyd Webber may have sold out in recent years, but the man’s a genius. Jesus Christ Superstar has an incredible score, the accompanying album for the 1973 film adaptation is one of my favourite CDs.

Thunderstruck – ACDC

ACDC has otherworldly powers to get me air drumming and head-bopping. This song hooks me in at the first “thunder!”

I’ll Cover You – Rent

Rent is full of heart-wrenching stories and songs, which I feel make the happy moments that much more captivating. I have yet to avoid singing along to this song when I hear it, I’ll have to refrain when I finally get to see a live production of Rent.

I Feel the Earth Move – Carole King

An infinitely danceable tune with relatable lyrics by one of my favourite artists.

Feed Me – Little Shop of Horrors

Yeah, maybe it’s about a blood-thirsty plant egging poor Seymour into murder so that it can have a tasty snack… But it’s SO catchy. High on my list of favourite showtunes of all time, Feed Me is a necessary inclusion on my Pick Me Up Playlist.

Hallelujah I Love Her So – Ray Charles

I couldn’t choose whether to include a song by Ray Charles, The Beatles or Stevie Wonder, so I’m including a song that’s been performed by all three! There’s a reason why this song has been covered time and time again – it’s catchy and joyous.

Your Turn!

I’m tagging the folks I think might enjoy this the most. However, please don’t feel pressured to participate!

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That’s all for today!

Take care,



8 thoughts on “Pick Me Up Playlist

  1. There are so many on this list that I genuinely love song wise, and many more I’ve not heard of. Thanks for sharing this Fiona.

    I’ll definitely be sure to get my fill of these songs soon when I’m in a bad mood, low mood, or otherwise just chilling to some tunes. In some of the games I play I can actually import a custom soundtrack, so it’ll be interesting to see just how fun things get when I’m listening to “Feed Me” while I run around a video game world heh.

    All the love!


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